Weight Management
If you want to lose weight temporarily, you really don’t have to exercise; just eat less food (think about people in hospital who lose weight without exercising).  However, if you have already lost quite a bit of weight and you want to maintain and not ‘regain’, then you will need to be active! It’s all a matter of balance, as there is under-eating and over-exercising…nobody said it would be easy, but it’s OH SO WORTH IT! Keep in mind the importance of strength training as this helps to maintain muscle mass; while high intensity interval training can lead to fat loss, particularly abdominal fat. 
Don’t WAIT to manage your WEIGHT!

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Jacqueline says... (Reply)
"No I would like the lifestyle change
I have now been keeping a food journal - what a pain!!! LOL
But I can see where it is a useful endeavour

I have also started to play badminton 2ce a week - used to play and stopped I think with everything else it should also add to the shift...." (1/3/13)