There are many sayings and thoughts at the start of a New Year. I say:


Stop making TO DO lists and make one WILL DO list.


If you're in a wheelchair, try not to cry about it - just wheel forward.


If the gym isn't working out for you, keep working out anyway.


Instead of putting on WEIGHT, WAIT (patiently) for results.


Don't "hit the bar" unless it's to drink water and LIFT.


Make YOUR health a priority. Stop talking about the expense, it's an investment. Go ahead, hire that personal trainer to help get you going.


2021 was very challenging. We must have the GUTS to keep on moving in a positive direction.


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Kelli says... (Reply)
"Hitting the bar appeals to me! Thanks for the clever and great advice, always. Time to get these workouts in. Here’s to a fitter 2022!" (1/2/22)