Enjoy food, but choose wisely!



• Combo orders with sandwich, fries, drink
• Double burgers
• Onion rings, fries
• "Super size" orders
• All-you-can-eat buffets
• Country fried steak and all the fixings
• Meats with fiery-hot BBQ sauce
• Ketchup



 • Sandwich without fries
• Grilled chicken sandwich
• Plain baked potato
• Salad bar with low-cal dressings
• Turkey sandwich with vegetable soup
• BBQ meat with no sauce, or mild sauce
• Honey-based dressing

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Karyn says... (Reply)
"Try Trader Joe's "Quinoa and Black Bean infused Tortilla Chips". So yummy when you crave that crunch. What about having hummus as the dip? Is that better for you?" (2/11/13)
Nadja Lewis says... (Reply)
"Thanks for the tip, sounds scrumptious!!!
Hummus is a great dip, but it's all about moderation. While high in protein and fiber (the body definitely needs them both), the calories can add up quite quickly, so enjoy...but within limits...

" (2/11/13)