Don't stop moving just because the scale has.  Checking 'numbers' (such as the scale) can be extremely discouraging. Try to focus on other factors instead, such as:

How am I feeling?

Are my clothes fitting me better? (You may lose inches rather than scale weight)

What can I do now that I wasn't able to do before? Push-ups, run longer, lift heavier dumbbells, etc.


No matter what, please don't stop exercising!!!

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scott hamilton says... (Reply)
"Great suggestion!" (5/14/13)
Jacqui says... (Reply)
"This is true - and when you look at the scale you become demotivated and stop. This happened to me so many times before. This time around I dont weigh - I just work ...and getting fitter and stronger is my goal!! Thanks Nadja - your tips are great" (5/14/13)
Lotes says... (Reply)
"Nadja I must admit, I need you as my personal trainer. I do a little weight training and bike riding, but you make me feel lazy! I can see the energy. Really proud of how you have turned this into something big. I will perhaps try to get some lessons when I get to LA next April!!!" (5/19/13)