I want to wish you a successful NEW YEAR; to me, being successful simply means doing my best without comparing or seeking the approval of others. I've tried those forms of poison (comparing and seeking) and ended up feeling inferior and somewhat of a failure. So with this new year, why not try to think differently, in a more positive light, such as:


Usual Way of Thinking                                                2021 NEW Way of Thinking

I can't                                                                                       I can and I will

I can't afford it                                                                          I am worth it; I will invest in ME

I am not disciplined                                                                  I have control over my actions

Getting older sucks                                                                  Being alive is a blessing

There is no time (with COVID around, why not?)                    I will make the time

I don't know what to do                                                            I'm going to figure it out


Be honest and try to think about other ways you can start to do things in a more positive fashion. Stop with the "should have" and the "if only" and deal with what you have been given. You are beautiful and can make it happen!






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Scott Hamilton says... (Reply)
"Great advice!" (1/1/21)
Deb says... (Reply)
"Wow you are psychic! This is exact message I needed to get the right start on the New Year! 2021 here I come! Thanks Nadja for coaching our minds and our bodies." (1/1/21)
Barbara says... (Reply)
"Great advice from a very wise wonderful person. Happy 2021. Be kind to yourself. " (1/1/21)
Mary says... (Reply)
"Great message, good to follow everyday " (1/1/21)
Tricia says... (Reply)
"With such great advice I know I can make it though 2021! Thanks, Nadja!!!" (1/2/21)