Here’s how the toning equation goes:
No workout + Diet = less muscle and less fat = same perceived level of ‘toning’ just with small size.
Workout + No Diet = more muscle and the same amount of fat = same perceived level of ‘toning’ but now with bigger arms that you hate and blame your trainer for making you look ‘bulky’.
Workout + Diet = EQUAL muscle and less body fat (since you’ll be losing muscle as you lose fat but then gaining it back as you work out for a zero sum loss)

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Vanessa says... (Reply)
"That was very informative! It explained a lot to me......Thanks!" (1/18/13)
Janis says... (Reply)
"Sounds like good advice to me! You are what you eat!" (1/18/13)
Scott says... (Reply)
"It makes sense physiologically, as well as mathematically!" (1/21/13)