One of the best ways to improve self-discipline is to focus on simplicity.

If you make big goals, you have a greater distance to travel. Goals usually mean months into the future; goals sometimes require serious lifestyle changes all at once which can lead to frustration when you hit a plateau or roadblock that derails your progress.


Self-motivation is a lot like fuel—your tank of ambition will be empty before you know it.


Small and SIMPLE goals are within reach and you're more likely to have enough fuel to get there.


Stick to SIMPLE.

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Eleanor Schuster says... (Reply)
" I agree, SIMPLE. Good motivation, thank you. " (10/26/18)
Patricia Harrington says... (Reply)
"I find if I keep the changes small in my efforts to change my food plan, water intake, and exercise efforts, that I can keep going on the path to better health. " (10/27/18)