So, I teach different classes at a YMCA to different age groups; I also teach 'Seniors' in Senior living arrangements/retirement homes on how to stay active/keep moving; and I train individual clients of different ages/at different levels in their homes..


The one thing that cannot leave my mind is what my oldest 'student' in a retirement home told me earlier on this week; she said: "Nadja, I want to thank you for encouraging me to never stop being active. Being active everyday helps me to feel better than the day before. When next are you coming?"


Dora turns 104 next month. If she is still around, we will have to celebrate with a cake and...we will be exercising, of course!!!

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Scott Hamilton says... (Reply)
"That's awesome!" (8/12/17)
Andrei James says... (Reply)
"Just goes to show that life doesn't stop at retirement! " (8/13/17)