If you only have the goal of seeing the number on the scale go down, you will eventually feel frustrated and disappointed.  If you are only using numbers to gauge your success, you may at some point consider yourself a failure, and you are anything but that!


Try to:

  • Set different goals for yourself such as - feeling more energetic by simply moving more; doing one more push up than you did a week ago, etc.
  • Improve your relationship with food (such as, don’t be OH SO HARD on yourself if you ate too much pizza last night; acknowledge, and eat more healthy stuff going forward; drinking more water is important, as well).
  • Improve your relationship with fitness (such as pushing yourself to stand more, sit less; stretching more instead of being so ‘tight’ and ‘inflexible’, etc.)

In other words, put yourself on the ‘to-do list’ and make "self care" a regular part of your day!

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