Instead of telling yourself you want to lose X number of pounds, why not challenge yourself to knock X number of points off any lab readings that may be high -   such as your blood pressure reading or cholesterol levels?

I think that when people focus on their health rather than on their weight, they start doing things in a "healthier fashion"; such as eating more nutritious foods, etc...eventually the pounds will come off. When too focused on "scale weight", disappointment and discouragement tend to set in after a while.

If you like working out in the gym, why not choose a "fitness goal" you want to reach, and then work towards meeting it.. When I say "fitness goal", I mean a "performance-based goal". It could be anything from walking a mile nonstop to performing 10 reps of a body weight squat.


So think about it. Would you like to be able to do 10 push ups or even one push up with proper form? Whatever you decide you would like to achieve, work towards it ASAP; try to keep obstacles at bay and let the excuses (those darn excuses...grrr) go!

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Lynette says... (Reply)
"Great advice! Thank you!" (7/11/19)
Steve Flint says... (Reply)
"Love setting goals.Keep moving .Progress takes time but with effort results happen. Thank you for the motivation. " (7/11/19)