What are you willing to do so that you'll feel healthier and happier? This is more than just about exercise, but of course that's pretty much MY answer to most things😊


For the rest of October, try to complete (AT LEAST) three of the following challenges, DAILY. There are only 4 full days left, so here are 12 simple challenges. Do you recognize any? Have you been doing any? Consistently?


Go to bed on time (so that you'll get at least 7 hours sleep)

Call a friend or a family member - HELLO

Go for a walk (start off with 2 mins without stopping; then see if you can add more time gradually)


Wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual (get more stuff done)

Move for at least 10 minutes (without stopping). It says 'move', not only 'walk'

Share a funny video or clip with somebody or watch it yourself and smile


Find an accountability buddy (NOT somebody who always 'understands' your excuses)

Share a photo of your healthy lunch

Hold a 30-second plank first thing in the morning


Eat a veggie at every meal

Stand for (AT LEAST) one minute of every hour

Take a few minutes of your time to stretch...just stretch already





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Deb Matalon says... (Reply)
"Once again this message comes at just the right time! Are you sure you’re not psychic?" (10/28/21)