"I am such a failure", a client of mine recently told me. My heart sank.."Tell me, what is your definition of being a failure?".  She said, "I start things and never finish".


I said, "Try to be a bit kinder to yourself and stop using that word, 'FAILURE'. Just because you are trying to become a better version of you, doesn’t mean that you aren’t amazing already! 

Look at me -  I struggle (daily), but I just do not quit."


She and I are now working on a plan, on which there will be mental focus, feelings of gratitude, and more realistic goals.


It's so easy to be hard on ourselves, and on others. Now is the time to stop and re-focus; time to have renewed vision, faith, and confidence.

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Maricela says... (Reply)
"Thank you for reminding me not to be so hard on myself and for insisting I stay active, especially by walking on a daily basis. " (2/2/20)
Pat says... (Reply)
"I have a friend who says "No one will ever be as mean to us as we are to ourselves" Thanks for the reminder" (2/2/20)