At the start of each day, write down five ways you are going to be healthy for the day. Written words can be quite powerful reminders. Your daily success list could include things such as - not drinking soda; eating more vegetables; doing 30 minutes of walking; and drinking more water.


Keep your daily list small and achievable so you will be motivated by your daily victories.

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Scott says... (Reply)
"I feel good knowing that I do all 4 of those things on a regular, if not daily basis. Thanks for providing great tips and motivation!" (7/31/20)
Judy Bartoletti says... (Reply)
Great idea, Thank you Nadja!" (7/31/20)
Pat says... (Reply)
"Once it's written down it's as if you've made a promise to yourself and therefore holds more value." (7/31/20)
Maricela says... (Reply)
"Thank you for the advice; you make me believe it's doable so I'm definitely going to try!" (8/2/20)