Is your heart aging faster than you are?
The “older” your heart, the higher your risk for heart attack, stroke (“brain attack”), and other related problems.
Aging hearts are more likely to have stiffer and calcified arteries, thickened and stiffer muscle tissue, etc.
Give your heart a ‘youthful lift’ by being (more) active. The heart is a muscle, so it needs exercise to keep it in shape. Exercise increases your heart’s pumping power and helps deliver oxygen throughout your body. Regular exercise also helps keep weight and blood pressure under control and reduces stress.


Start exercising today, not "tomorrow". "Tomorrow" never seems to come...

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Pat says... (Reply)
"Tomorrow is here!!!" (10/21/19)
Gloria says... (Reply)
"Tomorrow seems to never come, but when we get sick resulting from being "too busy" to make health a priority, we long for yesterday.." (10/21/19)