Don't take WALKING for granted; for some people it is a great challenge to overcome. I work with the wounded (physically and mentally) and day after day I see walkers, wheelchairs, "senior scooters", canes of all colors and sizes, etc..

Walking is a great way to improve/maintain your overall health. I encourage ALL to do it as often as you can. The ones who are unable to stand, I encourage them to walk while sitting (march, march march).


Please remember - your time and energy won't last forever, so stop taking them for granted and use them wisely.

Get up and walk, why not? Just use my mantra - "10 MORE" and start with that. Think - I can walk starting with 10 steps, and then 10 MORE, and then another 10 MORE and maybe, just maybe one day, it will be 10 MORE minutes instead of just 10 MORE steps.


Whatever you decide, don't hesitate, there are many benefits to walking (which I'll remind of you in the near future😊).


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Deb Matalon says... (Reply)
"Walking is a great way to enjoy the beauty all around while reaping health benefits. Thanks for the great reminder!" (5/21/24)
Judy Bartoletti says... (Reply)
"I walk my 3 miles every day and enjoy it so much, Have met some super nice people." (5/22/24)