While WORK can encourage and discourage at the same time, I have decided to look at it in a positive light.

W - wake up and say thank you for still being here

O - observe behaviours and realize some daily habits need to be changed

R - reach out to help others 

K - keep on going



I practice all of the above, do you?


Working on yourself is the hardest thing in life to do; I urge you to keep on going.


Happy Thanksgiving! Eat, drink...wait a minute..in order - EXERCISE...EAT..DRINK (water preferably:)..then EXERCISE, REST AND RECOVER!

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Judy Bartoletti says... (Reply)
"I do all of these. At 80 I am so blessed to be able to. Miss you Nadja. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!" (11/24/21)
Lynette says... (Reply)
"I love the "WORK" poem, it makes it easier to remember.
I shall try to follow. Thank you for such motivating words, very helpful!!
Happy Thanksgiving (every day:)" (11/25/21)