"I only have 10 minutes before I have to leave."

My response: 10 minutes is good enough; please use this time to move more.



"My shoulder is hurting me."

My response: You have two shoulders, please use the other one and start doing some shoulder movement such as the shoulder press. Try to move the 'painful shoulder' with modified movement; it still needs movement in order to heal.


"I only have one leg."

My response: I will help you and show you some moves you can do to keep the other leg strong.



I KNOW that some mornings are harder than others. I KNOW that getting up to exercise is not always inspiring. However, I just hope that you are fitting it in/getting it done.  Doing a little something is better than doing a lot of nothing. Use what you have, stop lamenting on what you don't.


Your health should be a priority!

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Steve Flint says... (Reply)
"WOW ! Tough love. Your statement is so true.
For a better, healthier body work around the pain,use what you have and keep moving." (7/22/19)