It’s okay to encounter the feeling of defeat (I ate too many cookies, the scale is still showing the same number, etc..) once in a while.  Feeling defeated is often only a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.

Never ever give up; you can do this!

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Judy Bartoletti says... (Reply)
"I refuse to ever give up. Nadja keeps me so motivated. THANK YOU Nadja!!!!!" (11/7/18)
Nadja Lewis says... (Reply)
"Dear Judy,
Your determination inspires me; I thank you!" (11/7/18)
Eleanor Schuster says... (Reply)
"Your entries are ever so inspiring. I have not met you yet, which I am looking forward to, but you have already impressed me with your entries and love the comments from others." (11/7/18)