The truth is...if we don't see the results we want, it's almost always because our expectations are too high or because we're not doing everything we should be doing to see the results we want to see.


Even if the scale isn't moving, does that really mean you're not getting any results? It’s best to look at the bigger picture such as: Are you feeling better about yourself? Do you have more energy? Are you stronger and fitter than you were before? Are you lowering your blood pressure and/or cholesterol? If so, aren't those results too?




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Scott Hamilton says... (Reply)
"Great points!" (7/7/18)
Pat Harrington says... (Reply)
"I love what you have posted here. It is relevant to me and a great reminder, thank you!" (7/7/18)
Aron says... (Reply)
"Indeed, we often desire changes and expect leaps and bounds in too short a time. You post is quite accurate; ensuring you are doing the right things is the key. Perhaps not self-evaluating before a mirror too frequently would eliminate feelings of despair.
" (7/10/18)