M - Maximize your time by working on "YOU"

O - Optimism is always necessary in order to progress

V - Vegetables should be a part of your daily life

E - Enjoy what you have while you have it



The above are things I personally think about all the time. How can I work on myself in a more effective manner? How can I stay optimistic when changes/results seem to take longer than I'd like?

Then that positive feeling of gratitude overtakes any doubt!! Indeed, I (am able and do) eat vegetables every single day and my body is stronger. I also remind myself, anything worth having takes TIME, be patient.

I truly believe it is best not to take anything for granted - not your nicely toned biceps, your strong mind, your great looking calves, etc. Enjoy what you have right now.


"If you don't keep moving (forward), you will always stay in the same place!"

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