What will you aim to achieve in this month of MAY? 


INSTEAD OF: Focusing only on physical activity and nutrition related "resolutions"…

TRY: Looking at other health and wellness behaviors, such as sleep or stress management.


There is more to a healthy lifestyle than just physical activity and healthy eating.  Stress reduction is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, just like diet and exercise; getting enough rest each night is key. When suffering from slept debt, everything you do tends to feel more challenging, specifically your workouts. Lack of sleep and excessive stress can affect your clarity, attention span, and energy level throughout the day.


May your MAY be the month you truly start to take care of yourself.  

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Scott Hamilton says... (Reply)
"As always, great information. Even if I've heard it before, it's great to be reminded. Keep up the great work!" (5/1/18)
Lynette James says... (Reply)
"This is EXCELLENT advice! Less stress and more rest definitely helps a person to feel better. This is so motivational, it makes me feel good as I am further motivated to work on myself even more, thank you!" (5/1/18)
Aron says... (Reply)
"Most definitely true! Something I must constantly remind myself of, and work consciously to achieve; thanks!" (5/2/18)