At Breakfast Time:

 Do recognize the benefits of eating breakfast. If you eat a morning meal, you are going to be less likely to indulge in a late morning snack. Breakfast skippers often end up binging on food from the vending machine or making poor food choices at a fast food restaurant.

Don't think that your morning meal is a magic bullet for weight loss. Eating breakfast does not improve your metabolism or have any other weight loss superpowers. The calories you consume at breakfast matter just as much as the calories you eat at every other meal.

Do include a source of diet-friendly protein. Egg whites, lean sausage products, Greek yogurt and other sources of protein will help you to feel full and satisfied for a longer period of time. Protein will also help you to build and maintain muscle to shape your figure and burn calories.

Don't go carb crazy.  A high sugar, high carb meal may leave you feeling hungry again soon after you eat.

Do drink coffee in moderation if it perks you up in the morning. A cup of black coffee contains almost no calories. It certainly gets me going. No need to add anything, black coffee is so good!

Don't go crazy at Starbucks (you know who you are).  Be careful...sugar is abundant in several goodies there!


Extra personal tip - always have water nearby, taking a couple of sips does a body good!

 Remember that while eating breakfast is a good habit to get into, it still has calories...always be aware of the quality of the ingredients and the quantity of calories.

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Vanessa says... (Reply)
"I love your comments! I ALWAYS eat a high-fiber breakfast and it does keep me full for a couple hours. Never understood why people skip breakfast because that does more harm than good." (7/29/14)
Maricela says... (Reply)
" I, the Starbucks lover, admit that you are right. If I skip breakfast I end up looking for junk food later in the morning. Thanks for the advice." (8/1/14)