A few clients of mine lack confidence in themselves. I try to encourage and support them ALWAYS. I KNOW it can be so hard to love your body or feel confident in your skin; however, learning to respect your body at any weight promotes self-acceptance.

Being hard on yourself won’t make you more successful at losing weight nor will it help to change your body size. In fact, self-criticism may undermine attempts at weight management.


Look for people who will support and accept you just as you are while you work on yourself; begin by showing your body kindness and the rest will eventually fall into place.

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Barb says... (Reply)
"Love that. So wise and no judgement. Go forward and support one another" (3/16/21)
Deb says... (Reply)
"Being in balance and having the ability to balance makes me feel strong and confident! Thanks for your motivation!" (3/16/21)
Kelli Hamilton says... (Reply)
"“Begin by showing your body kindness and the rest will fall into place.” Words we should all heed.

Everyone who is struggling with body issues (or anything rn) should read this - thanks for sharing the uplifting words.

Love you! Keep doing your thing 💪🏽 😎" (3/18/21)