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This is how it's done, ha ha!
Calf raise with frontal raise (using dumbbells).
I love my balance class/students. They are simply AWESOME!
Lower body strength is a must!
They never give up. You shouldn't either!
Stay focused!
How low can you go?
Always try to have fun, we certainly do!
They look so good!
Mary, Mary, you love a balance challenge!
Everyone has their idea of 'balance', ha ha
Fun times! How long can you stand on one leg?
They all look so focused, yes!
Whether sitting or standing, JUST DO IT!!
The body can always be challenged, sitting or standing!
Begin with feet flat on the ground...
Time to challenge your body...lift one leg up!
Add a ball and challenge your body even further!
Oops...drop a ball, pick it back up and keep on going!
Love this DETERMINED look!
Reach out and...
Sometimes one just needs to take a seat:)
Lift one leg up, whether sitting or standing!
Sitting or standing, try lifting/keeping one leg off the ground..
Yoga blocks can add that extra challenge to your balance routine!
Dumbbells help to strengthen your bones and keep muscle mass intact!
He was determined to stay (dare I say...) "upright"?
I love the 'focused' look!
Can you do this?
Some members of my BALANCE CLASS..trying to balance on one leg before passing a ball around.
They are still trying..we are all about progress!
Aha..balance and ball pass - YES!
I love teamwork, so inspiring!
On the toes, everyone!
To be able to balance on one leg is one of the greatest feelings!
Time to stretch!
Stretching to be more flexible is key!
They look so good; different levels, yet so good!
Gotta get some core work in...add a little balance challenge, heh heh.
We work so hard to be 'balanced'
You can always do something, no matter what level you're at!
Some sit, some stand, some drop the ball; we all try to be better!
My mug shot? Ha ha
Laughing or 'psyching myself up' to actually exercise?
Always find time to stretch!
Oh look, a stability ball is lurking behind me!
Time to balance!
While exercising, I have 'no worries'..
This is a great back stretch!
This is true; work out and you will feel better, even happy at times, ha ha
Staying 'balanced' physically AND mentally - so very important!
Love that strong leg definition!!
My strong core allows me to not slip, hah!
I try to balance just about anywhere!
Love this position, it is a calming one!
Modified sitting balance pose; anything is better than doing nothing!
In the gym, surrounded by equipment!
This is a stretch (quad stretch) AND balance challenge!
Balance any which way, it's fun!
The balance pad should never be ignored, ha ha
Challenge your body as much as you can!
What do I see? My haircut, ha ha..balancing wherever I can!
Stability balls-all different sizes, try one!
What a great way to watch the telly!! On a stability ball!!
Great core and stability move!
Somebody always wants to be in charge, even on agility dots, ha ha
Having fun!!
Heh heh, nothing wrong with a little competition:)
It continues...
No balance pad for me, oh well...
Wait,what...where are dem balance pads?
These ladies know how to 'bring it'
Have you 'balanced' today?
So agile - able to change position WITHOUT losing one's balance!
Agility dots are fun, fun, fun!
I love 'balancing'...can you tell?!