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I am get stronger!
This gentleman never stops it!
Been working on my arms..and balance moves, can you tell?
This lady always shows up, love it!
You are never too young...
"Team Balance"...
I can balance, yes I can!
Upper body strength!
This young lady is willing to try; gotta love her efforts!
Determined to do a side plank...with unexpected company:)
Tried again; another day, same dog, ha ha
We all deserve a hug AFTER a workout!
Can't ignore that look of satisfaction:)
Can you guess? Yup, that's my shadow, top of those stairs. I love running up and down stairs!
Balance, balance, balance!
A yoga block certainly has its uses!
Rise to the balance challenge!
Having a strong core keeps the body upright!
Work the abs as much as possible!
This mat motivates me!
This stretch is soooo good!
Have you stretched today?
On of my list of "things to do".
Have done this and love it..Bosu ball and medicine ball, great CORE TIME!
No matter where I am, I am always thinking on how to improve my upper arm area!
Love the 'definition' being shown!
This is my look of injury is merely another challenge!
Injured toe, balancing on one leg and smiling!
Try balancing on one leg, eyes (slightly) closed..
Stretching improves your posture!
Stretching boosts your joint health!
"Half Moon" pose. Strengthens many areas such as the legs and ankles!
The spine strengthens here as well.
Elevated knee touches. Good for arm and core strength!
Gotta work both sides..again and again..and again!
Step ups. Good for conditioning, leg strength.
Step up and down, then switch to work other leg. Feels good!
Split squat on an elevated surface.
Do it enough'll really feel it, great for strengthening and toning the legs!
Who says you can't squat just about anywhere?!
Nobody wants flabby arms; gotta work the triceps!
As ready, add 'more challenge' to the move.
Push ups, anyone?
Always find a moment to strengthen your core!
Balancing time!
Which one is your favorite? Mine is 'REPEAT', ha ha.
Cheers...always try to choose plain water over other beverages!
I drink water every single day. Do you?
One way to cool down:):)
Working on the biceps!
Lower body has big muscles; need to work them frequently!
Bench....just because!
Having a bench is simply a must!
Ready to work on strengthening my chest area.
Chest press!
This is a great move to try!
I love lifting!
Challenge your muscles by lifting heavier than you think you can handle!
Stretching the hamstrings, so good!
Love this bar!
Start on your hands for more stability.
Elbow plank on the bench-what fun!
A person is said to be considered, 'fit', if able to do at least 27 push ups without stopping!
Need to work on the triceps often, if you want a 'firm' look!
Up the challenge by only having one foot on the flat surface.
Gotta stay balanced!
One legged shoulder press!
Try to stay balanced as you switch your position!
You can, too!
This little boy took up the "walking up the steep stairs" challenge!
...he told his mother, "Please stay back, I can do this", and he did!
What's your excuse for not rising to the challenge?!
Even dogs try the "dreadmill" otherwise known as the treadmill!
"Okay - I walked, where's my treat?"
We deserve a treat when we challenge ourselves!
Yeah, I'm on my mat, what's next? Ha ha..
So not in the mood, but I just finished walking anyway...tired, now.
At least he's standing (burns more calories than sitting does).
"Here I am, crossing my legs-my form of exercise!"
Even dogs try to balance on one leg!
So what if she modifies? At least she tries:)
She is getting better at it...this is a great stretch, try it! can I get this machine started?
It's not moving yet..let me try this button..
Yes, I did it!! Ha ha..the mind of a young one!
Keeping calm BEFORE the workout!
Such a serious face..gotta stay focused!
After the workout...time to stretch, ha ha
Contemplating running up 'dem stairs' again:)
Strengthening the core, back, even shoulders!
Having a bench makes working out so much better!
Balance is important, even on the bench!
Love this pose!
Love this pose-challenging!
What you do to one must do to the other-balance:)
Any which way...
Adding weights can only make one stronger!
I love me some Nike!
Walking backwards puts less stress on your knee joints - try it!
Working the core! Love it!
Push yourself if you want to see change; who wants to stay the same anyway?!
My version...her version :)
Time to try the bike...
Here we are, let's start!
...because a treadmill is more than just for walking/running!
Smiling, moving, all positive!
Live Strong-it's the only way to live!
Want to be 'less tight'? Stretching is the answer!
On stability ball holding a medicine ball-yes!
Working the core!
I love 'feeling' balanced!
Nothing like a back view, ha ha
Feeling good after running up 3 flights of stairs!
Burn some serious calories by climbing stairs!
I love running up these stairs!
Walking up stairs helps to tone my body, especially my calves!
Phew, stopped for but a moment..gotta keep on going up!
Feeling strong is the best feeling!
That feeling after a workout!
A smile makes it all better:)
I feel happy when I am healthy!
Check your numbers (such as your blood pressure) regularly, not just the scale!
You can use this machine, sitting down...
You can use this machine, standing up...
Working my upper body with a smile...feels so good!
We all could use a punching bag in our lives:)
Gonna keep working on my biceps!
I love core work!
Elevation always helps!
Coffee and weights-no better way to start the day!
'Whatever' as in whatever it takes to get it done.
Get healthy, stay healthy!
Feeling good!
A smile makes all the difference!
By the pool or in the's time to work out!
I can exercise..just about anywhere!
Nike - Just Do It Already!
I have been working...hard!
The more muscle I gain, the more I shall burn!
Serious face...trying to stay balanced!
Okay, it's really quite fun..try it!
I love this pose..balance and core work!
Have you tried your balance move today?
Stay balanced, each and every day!
Want to burn calories, tighten the skin under your arms....jump rope, it is!!
Working the legs, feels so very good!
Working the triceps...
I love strong legs!
Working chest, triceps, core...
Push up with med ball, other side view, it feels so good!
Make The TIME, EXERCISE Self Discipline
Starting biceps are ready
Now is the time to get stronger!
I love working my upper body, it's a great feeling!
This says it all! With me as your PT (Personal Trainer), you can do just about anything!!
Stationary bike with a comfy 'seat back'. Hold on to handles for further stability.
Challenge yourself. Do not hold on to the handles and pedal even faster!
Do not just sit and start to pedal. Improper seat positioning can hurt your knees and strain your lower back.
Is that all...?
Want to strengthen/stabilize your core, hips should NOT be sagging like this
Way too low for a 'good plank'
Getting there, but not quite...
Butt way up in the air, nope...incorrect form
Here we go..flat back, tummy tucked in tight, hurts so good...PLANK IT
You know who I am-what are you waiting for? Let's Do This!!
Yes, this ball was heavy; yes I was having fun, try it!!
Want a strong core, greater flexibility and coordination? The stability ball is the answer. It can also help you lose weight if used correctly AND consistently!
Want to stabilize your core? Try doing the plank with a stability ball, it's challenging and fun!
Working abs-I love it!
Lifting...can only make me stronger!
You have to work hard.....
Good things happen to those who 'pole'...I am starting at the bottom, ha, ha
Getting ready....
This feels good!
I work HARD for these legs!!! this....
I am feeling good right now!
2013-Time to start doing the plank!
I love to...'plank it'
Need I say more?
Don't You Dare Quit-Push Yourself!
Raise Your Bar...
Balance...I love the stability challenge!
Stability comes before mobility...
I'm....SO ON IT!!!!
Have you stretched today? Try to make stretching YOUR daily habit!
Don't mess with the core!
Getting ready to work the core!
I love a strong core, don't you?
Just Move It Already!
Stretching! Stability Ball! Absolutely!
Stretching helps you to have joint flexibility, so do it!'s FUN!!!
Working's MY way of life. It should be yours too!
Strength Training: Increased energy, stronger joints, lower body fat, are just a few of the benefits. TRY IT!!
Leg Press-because it works!!
If You Aren't Ready...You'll ALWAYS Find An Excuse!
Look At Those Guns!!! I love this 'Strong Feeling'....
Once Is Never Enough-Keep Lifting, Keep Pushing, Keep Moving!
Upper Body Strength-We ALL Need It!
Use The Kettle Bell For Increased Strength-I Do!
Improved Mobility, Range Of Motion-The Kettle Bell Is Your Best Bet!
Seriously....NO EXCUSES...Simply Not Acceptable!
Talk About...Glute Activation!
Which one will you give me today-Blood, Sweat OR Tears?
Having a strong core means you can do anything, yes-anything!!!!
Work on getting rid of your 'love handles' by doing this exercise!
I keep on getting stronger-what a great feeling! How are you feeling? Full of..strength or...excuses?
The STEP works your glutes, added resistance (dumbbells) is always a plus!
Balance challenge-feels great!
The Elliptical machine can work wonders for your body!
Do you have enough 'balance' in your life?
The kettlebell is a good tool to add to my collection!
Working arms and legs!!! No hands = more core work!
Building up my strength and endurance....
One can never get enough of the...kettlebell!
(Proper) posture...because it looks better!
On the STABILITY ball.....
Time to strengthen the legs
Legs look so good when they are not full of....'wobbles'
Getting that heart rate up is necessary!
Like most exercises I do, it hurts SO GOOD!
Try going on an Elliptical Machine with no hands, better yet-face backwards!
What a great stretch!