Exercise With Injury
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Perfect expression of how one feels when exercising:)
Pained look due to serious toe injury.
My buddy/daughter enjoys working out in the gym; it shows!
Injury for me means, "DO exercise", NOT AVOID exercise!
One legged stance with kettlebell.
Lower body injury? Work the upper body!
Back stretch and balance, feels great!
Yet another balance challenge, try it!
Merely the WARM UP, keep on going!
...yet another way to sit!
Straighten up now!
Core challenge!
Elevated push-up with sick toe!
One legged/one arm tricep dip.
Gotta keep working on..getting/keeping toned looking arms!
Great stretch!
My champ, stays with me thru sick toe and all:):)
So proud of her; she's not waiting until she's "older" to keep fit!
Water!! We are NOTHING (except weak) without it!