For The Love of Food
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Coffee (with caffeine) minus the sugar and cream is a very effective pre-workout drink!
Work with it!
Strong, black coffee-every day!
Don't always be on a 'restrictive diet'; be kind to yourself!
Calories can add up very quickly; too many in, too little out leads to weight gain. Check, then choose wisely!
Wondering why did I agree to workout on a Saturday...ever feel that way?
The scale is not always our best friend! Look for other signs of improvement rather than only scale weight!
Those we avoid as the "just a little taste" calories do add up!
Quite the common feeling! Try to weigh yourself no more than once a week!
Muffins aren't as healthy as we sometimes believe!
Water is absolutely essential in our lives! Drink up!
Ha ha...dark chocolate can brighten one's mood!
Don't worry - beer happy! HA HA
A cheat day once in a while...yum!
If one has too many 'cheat days'...
You know this message is for YOU!
If you wish to reduce the size of your belly, healthy food and consistent exercise help in a big way!
These "C's" make the body feel good!
We all want and deserve a reward, ha ha!
This book is full of encouraging reminders!
Eating healthy mini meals throughout the day may be just what your body needs!
Don't punish your body; love your body; exercise to look and feel better!
What a gym bag to have!
Matching water bottle; I guess a little pizza won't hurt:)
Read the label! 69 grams of sugar in this bottle!
Drink water instead!
Snacking is okay, so long as it's healthy. Raw, unsalted, unsweetened almonds, and fruit-yum!
Grilled salmon and green veggies-healthy stuff!
(My dinner last night:)
Forget the ice cream, but yeah, I do go the distance!