Having Fun
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Even the "witch and famous" exercise, so what are you waiting for?
It's good to have friends of all different sizes, ha ha ha..
Me with my "pumpkin face"!
Challenge your 'pose' by changing your arm position.
Add extra challenge by lifting heels off the ground.
Private what? Looks like a party to me, ha ha
Strike a pose and see what happens next - just having fun, you should too!
When you want to stretch alone...
Taking it up a notch. Have you stretched today?
Group stretch! HA HA HA.
They all come out eventually...to exercise of course, ha ha
...exercise instead!
I know who had such "workouts" during the holiday season!
A new year is a coming, time for a FRESH START.
Doggie patiently waiting for his BATH!
My daughter, got down and dirty; burned some calories bathing doggie.
Clean and feeling some pounds lighter (ha ha)
Tried to show my long time friend that great feeling of 'balance'.
This tree looked so good, I had to reach out..and touch!
..wanted to hug it...
Me...at the beach..real fresh coconut..yum!
This is how WE do it in Jamaica; we select the big fish, ha ha
Posing by the rocks, near water..feeling peaceful
Find a peaceful place, it can motivate you!
My daughter, .gotta stay fit!!
Getting ready to feel the sea water...possibly healing.
Yup, I had to have a Jamaican beer! SO GOOD!
My mom, she experienced 'peace within' then went walking!
Got this cute hat to show ONE LOVE for Jamaica:)
My turn to find peace within. Love climbing rocks, builds up leg muscles and challenges me to stay..balanced!
When my mind is at peace, my body feels good!
They may be squinting (due to the sun), but that didn't stop them from shining!
After an exercise session, we're all feeling fantastic!
A new year is almost here, have some FUN like we do when exercising!
Nothing like true friendship..of course she had 'to balance' first:):)
Be you, believe in yourself and you will shine!
...to exercise:):)
Myself and some staff members at the Veterans Home. We (always) have FUN!
Surely my leg can go higher!!
Aha, at last..I like this pose...always trying to appear 'balanced'.
This Santa is hilarious!
Yup, so I hope you will be drinking lots of water this holiday season!!
Jingle juice? Hmmmm..
Ha ha..Merry Everything? How about Merry Exercise? Ha ha ha
Wishing us ALL better health and strength now and in the New Year!
...of exercise (of course:)
After eating a plate full of protein (steamed snapper), we were all feeling 'stuffed'.
Caribbean rum cake, anyone?
Be prepared to exercise before and after eating this sweet treat!
We are SO happy whenever we exercise together:). We look a bit scary here though..watch out!
Teamwork is a great feeling!
Talk about scary...this is when I used to take AND give kickboxing classes!
Fall is here, what are the other "F's" you tend to enjoy?
All shapes and sizes are always welcome at the YMCA!
At the Y (YMCA), we always have fun!!
Wait..where's my message?
Same message every year:). I think I'm scary enough, so...
So not true..salad over candy any day:):)
WHOA! Is this supposed to encourage one to eat more fruit?
This is also fruit. I pass and move on to the next goodie..
You can have fun-at the gym-even on Halloween!!
Spirited lady in my BALANCE CLASS at the Y.
She is 75 and still balancing away!
Always competing, whose leg is higher?
Balance champs!
How long can you stand on only your toes-heels off the ground?
Hmm..some people who were in class aren't in the picture..we have a great team!
Sloths like Halloween or at least pumpkins..
Kinda scary, rather than cute..
Looks too good to eat, so don't!
A stomach ache and toothache waiting to happen!
Expressions after taking my classes, ha ha!
How I felt today after teaching my Balance Class!
Mother and daughter...
Happy Mother's Day 2018 to me!
"Careful" show of affection, ha ha
Still balancing with my injured toe:)
No bowling, just hugging, ha ha
One is never too 'old' to swing!
I challenge myself 'to balance' just about anywhere!
Memories; wish somebody could push me way way up!
My daughter knows the good feeling of being FIT!
We all must explore at some time or another!
Sounds like a plan..
Too scary and way too sweet (sugar overload) to eat!
Seeing this huge creature only made me walk faster (therefore more calorie burn, ha ha)
Ghoul attempting a bicep curl:)
Lateral raise gives one stronger shoulders:)
Standing burns more calories than merely sitting!
Don't be scared to work the triceps no matter what the season!
Using a machine to work the abs!
Dizzy yet? This machine forces one to lie down (as in upside down); then one must attempt to lift the body upwards using and building up core strength!
Love working the abdominal area!
Same machine works the legs, yes!
Forget the 'boos'; 'booze' doesn't scare, ha ha
We all need to work on our neck flexibility!
I truly believe in fighting...as in fighting for a worthy cause!
Plain and simple. Always love yourself. First.
Happy Halloween! I scare myself sometimes!!
..quite scary in itself, ha ha
My daughter's idea of celebrating Halloween..:)
Yep...that, I am!
Stop waiting for things to change. Instead, be the change!
Visiting the city that never sleeps...
Being healthy...feels good!
My HS Graduate (May 30th, 2015). Now, I have to work even harder to remain fit!
I must say I like how my arms are looking!
Must be all those push ups I do on the daily!!
Being on a motorcycle (fast moving) sure reminds me to contract my stomach muscles!!! FUN!!!
Different positions help to keep my core strong!!!
Yes!! It's good to feel strong especially during the holiday season.
What A Merry Christmas I had!!!
This is me with my lil sis-who happens to be a doctor. Our goal is to help others feel better and get healthy!!!
Dunns River Falls-Jamaica..nice butt burner and leg strengthener...climbing those slippery rocks.
I made it to the top-again and again!
At the beach, Jamaica
Dunn's River Falls, Ohio Rios, Jamaica
Climbing....can be so much fun!!!
I feel so good right now!!!
Balance..because it's important!
Why do people always want to sit on me??
Yes, I can ride...a horse....
Is this the way to crunch?
January 1st, 2013 - China Town, Los Angeles
Eating shrimp and broccoli-yummy!
The picture says it all...Jamaica is about peace and love.
True Friendship Needs No Words!
Love these two ladies, mom and daughter!
Unconditional Love
My mom (like exercise)...keeps me going-thanks mom! Thanks exercise!