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Yes, and of course EXERCISE. We ALL NEED to exercise!
Start over as many times as you have to. Just don't give up.
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not guaranteed. Be kind to yourself TODAY and work on YOU.
Somebody gave this pair to me and said - "This is so true"...hmmm..
..."your ankle needs this", I was told..
Nurse putting it on as it's...COMPLICATED!
Progress? I guess..
All good to go; brace or no brace, exercise every day - NO EXCUSES!
How many of these do you...'practice'?
LAST NIGHT!!! OVER 29,000 steps in a day! How, you ask? The D's - Discipline AND Determination!!
What have you decided to leave behind? It's a New Year - time for a new mindset, me thinks...
So..where are you? Ha ha...
Time to stop thinking that every move means you can eat MORE...check it out!
I mean it - find ways to move more..every single's the only way!
Walk..for many reasons...mental health is equally important as physical health!
Stop putting it off. Your health should be a priority!
Which ones are you guilty of?
Be proud of your efforts! You gotta put in the work first though:):)
If you wish to be strong and keep that muscle mass, you must lift weights!
YES! I set this new record today - it was LABOR on LABOR DAY, ha ha
Always keep up to date with your health checks.
A blood test can help diagnose certain conditions, well certain organs are working, etc.
It's true, I need to be positive as my blood type is B+.. ha ha.
This is my current blood pressure reading. Check your blood pressure regularly. If it is too high, extra stress on the arteries and heart is implied.
What are you waiting for? Time to take (better) care of YOU.
Who gets up early and is in the gym by 5:30am? This young lady is, and she looks awesome!
Personal trainer? Well, she is her own personal trainer, you go girl!
Have pain, get help! Better to get help than to risk it getting worse..
What does this message really say?
You know who you are - "I WISH I had your.."; "I WISH I looked like..". STOP wishing, start doing!
Stop putting it off, start working on YOU!
You must stay hydrated, it is NECESSARY!
Every single day, do something!
Examples of how to work on improving the back area; who doesn't want a stronger, firmer one?!
My daughter (shown here in Capetown, South Africa) loves horseback riding..the inner thighs get a good workout.
My daughter..showing the results of living the 'healthy life'.
Note: My daily goal is a minimum of 10,000..
My 'mileage' increases and I feel good!
This took waking up much earlier than usual; it was worth it!
...and your daily steps!!
Everybody needs a little nudge here and there, heh heh..
..that determined look, I love it!
Are you getting my message? It is, "Please exercise no matter what"...
Believe it or not, he and my daughter ate this MONSTROUS pizza! Well it does have veggies, ha ha ha.
Have self confidence!
Do something...every single day..stop sitting down so much!
Start making the changes you know need to be made; take better care of YOU!
Being HEALTHY is about healing. HEAL THY SELF!
Stop being unkind to the only body you have - MOVE it!
It's about time!
I went beyond the daily "recommended 10,000 steps". I believe in moving/walking, don't you?
Speaking of steps, which step are you usually on? I start my day on the "I can do it" step!
I saw this truck parked near a church, my forever message - NEVER Give Up!
Adopt this way of thinking, it really helps a person move forward!
Stay up to date with your 'healthy check ups'!
I am the first to admit. I am but a continuous WIP
(Work In Progress).
"Continuous improvement" otherwise known as "progress" is the name of my game!
Want something? Stop waiting for it to be handed to you. Go get it, usually by working for it!
Stick to your plan of getting/being healthier!
Who wants to live without being FIT? Not me!
My latest Nike sneakers, yep...I love them and the message - JUST DO IT!
Bra time...JUST DO IT!
Ha ha...gotta use this detergent from 'baby days' to help future days:)
Nike says this message in many different forms..tee time..JUST DO IT!
Very few can..stay on it!
This is true. NOTHING and NO ONE can derail my plan of working on me (body and mind) every single day!
Being a fitness instructor for the Veterans of W. Los Angeles truly inspires me!
Can never overstate this 'strong suggestion' .
Motivation in a bottle.. a pouch..
It may be time to rethink your goal. Make sure it is an attainable one or revise it.
Too much talking, not enough movement!!
Excuses need to be tossed!
Stop putting it off. Start moving more and eating better, TODAY!
Do not compare yourself with others. We all need to start exactly where we are!
You have to believe in yourself in order to achieve!
Yes, you definitely are. Push yourself past your comfort zone!
Wishing does not produce positive results;
'working for it', does!
We could do so much more, if only we would give it a try!
Always give it your ALL!
You are enough; accept this and work harder!
Be ambitious and reap success!
I love this, as you know my saying is actually -
"Ten More".
Yes, it's a struggle, but do NOT give up!
Always try to inspire others; in turn you may feel/get inspired as well!
Talking does not burn enough calories :)
Hoping is not enough!
Challenge yourself!
Love feeling strong, don't you?
Yes, you can!
In other words, "do not stop", no matter what!
Don't forget to breathe!
Never stop believing in..YOU!
Want results? Gotta do the work!
Have to keep on going!
Who doesn't want to feel Strong, Fit, AND Vibrant?!
My fav message on one of my tees!
Yup, I have the matching the message!
Never be afraid to try...
We were all born to...exercise:)
We all need some balance in our lives!
Too often we forget to...breathe!
...been working on the arms!
Message on my new bra, ha ha
Do it, do something..NOW!
Instead of thinking, 'skinny'...think, 'strong'!
Believing is necessary!
Practice this message, every single day!
My new socks! Inspirational!
Wear something to motivate!
(Another message on a pair of socks:)
Make changes instead of excuses!
Never limit yourself!
Which one will be your message?
Using the kettlebell in your workouts will make you STRONG, I promise!
Can't promote using dumbbells, enough:)
My fav earrings!
Inspirational message on my new pair of socks!
Get fit-it's the only way to be!
My daughter and friend up EARLY for a 'color run'.
All smiles..they completed the 5K Run!
Colorful, while having fun...
So proud of active young adults!
This is known as 'creative stretching'...proving one can stretch just about anywhere, anyhow!
Definitely - please..don't quit!
One of my tees, great message!
Try this exact order:)
My latest keychain! Be strong!
My motivational tools-a great water bottle and a kettlebell.
What's your motivation?
It's work out...
With mommy on treadmill...sort of..
Never too small to start on an elliptical machine!
Teaching the young one how to stretch:)
She has her own way of stretching:)
I love me some Nike, inspires me to work harder!
Please..just do
Don't You Dare Quit!
Don't stop trying because you can't do a move 'perfectly'. Baby steps = progress
This is my daily motto - "No Excuses"
Here, I am showing how to work the glutes with a medicine ball. Feels great!
Now it's your turn, you can't go wrong by trying!
Working the glutes is an absolute must!
Hamstring stretch-sweet pain!
Stretching is simply a must, do it...daily!
Adding dumbbells to your regular exercises is fun, fun, fun! You both look great!
The plank is a challenging 'move'. Must make sure you have a 'flat table top back' so as not to put any added pressure!
She loves this stretch!!! Hurts so good!
Stretching feels so good...thanks Nadja for all the encouragement...xo Debra
You must stretch to enhance joint flexibility!
Always work the triceps by trying to keep your elbows facing forward as much as possible-having them out to the sides is way too easy! Love the effort guys, or rather - gal and guy!
Proper form is so important!
When you want to feel good about yourself!
Hope you’re NOT loving it😊!