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All smiles while exercising!
"Seniors" keep on going, I love it!
"Seniors" working together!
Balance challenge!
Stretching is a good thing!
Super confident in her "80's".
96 and ready to exercise!
99 young man and 96 young lady both have fun in my classes!
ALL smiles! So inspiring!
Did NOT take any time off due to this toe injury; painful time but I gotta keep on going!
Phase/Face 1..trying to convince this 91 year old lady to move it move it...
Phase/Face 2 - let's laugh about getting more active!
Phase/Face 3 - is she moving yet? Nope, let's continue to laugh about it!
Phase/Face 4 - looks at me as if to say, "You're still waiting?"
This 'young man' turned 99 and we celebrated by exercising!
Eye test? Ha ha ha
Is this a 'pained' look or what?
He is exercising, she is....observing (exercising her eyes, I guess:)..
Here he is, 99 years old and doing a tricep DIP..yes, he is DIPPING, ha ha
He is trying to get back up...
Yay, he got back up all by himself. He did a total of 8!
..went to visit Dora because I hadn't seen her
in exercise class for over a week:(
At a few days before age 104, she seemed fragile yet determined:)
She made it, we got to celebrate her 104 birthday!
So proud of her; keep on going, Dora!
My expression says it all, ha ha
Only my turn to balance...
This is called, 'being supportive', ha ha
Finally, we both have the same leg up!
Seniors-they keep at proud of them!
Sitting or standing, just do something- try to stay active!
Not much smiling (at first)
Not much smiling (at second either)..
3rd time is a charm..all smiles:)
Stretching is....necessary!
Can you reach your toes?
Here's...Dora, she's 103 and still going strong/exercising with me!
Go Dora!
My fav tee, I had to buy 2, love the message!
Showing the Seniors you can stretch anywhere, even on top of a piano:)
This 96 year old thinks I need help to tie my shoelaces!
The competition is on!
Smiling always makes (a positive) difference!
She is keeping up, love the effort!
We all look so happy when we are working the shoulders:)
Mr. "OVERachiever", I only suggested lifting the leg:)
Proud of these 'young ladies'!
Elbow flexibility test, you go girls!
Eva is at it again!
Please lift your right leg, Eva (who just happens to be 103 years old)!!
She did it! Derrick (who is blind) 'looks on'.
Time to lift the left leg; go Eva!
Derrick's way of stretching a cup of water, ha ha
95 years old and walking up these steep stairs!
Almost at the top now!
Coming back down with hands above head (core stretch:)
He sure did a lot of walking up and down these stairs!
I love when people 'make that extra effort'. It hurts Lee to stand most days! Go Lee!
Forget about size, forget about shape...even a dog needs exercise!
Exercising makes us smile!
Holding hands-such encouragement!
Using a walker, have a neck can still be more active than just sitting down all day!
Can you spot the 102 year old lady? Yup, she is there!
Time to lift one leg and balance...
Here we go..balancing..with a smile!
Hi everyone..your turn to try!
I just love the effort! Keep on trying!
At the 'Spring Into Wellness' Senior Health Expo -
April 9th, 2016
I am standing. I wanna dance!
A little support never hurt anyone..
Let's dance!
Everybody will get their dance!
She looks so happy. First standing, now dancing!
He is really trying to really focus...
Now this 95 year old gent is feeling more 'balanced'.
We both feel good we can still stand up 'on our toes'.
In a wheelchair? You can still do some sort of activity/exercise..
Exercising with limitations and still smiling!
I love helping everyone...Seniors actually listen and try:)
I work hard for 'dem calves'..
You are never too old...
Showing my to stay balanced!
Everybody can get stronger!
Seniors helping each other get ready for exercise class with Nadja!
Have fun while exercising!
No excuses, exercise standing or sitting!
Ankle strength, yes!
Practice makes a difference!
You are never too ______ to exercise.
This amazing lady is now 101 years 'young'
and STILL exercises frequently with me!!!
(Feb 2014)
OMG-I have the honor of working with this lovely lady (Eva) who recently turned 100 YEARS OLD! You are never too 'old' to exercise!!! (Feb 2013)
These 'Seniors' continue to motivate me! They work so hard because they want to improve the quality of their lives...age range - 56 to 96+!!!
Who doesn't need core strength?
Some seniors....trying to balance! YAY!
95 years old and going strong-he never misses any of my classes!!!!
Resistance....because it makes YOU so much stronger!!!
I am SO PROUD of my Seniors!!! They know they have to exercise frequently to be....HEALTHY!
Seniors - willing to work so hard...they continue to MOVE and IMPROVE!
My tallest 'Senior' yet-6'1", stroke survivor...still works out with me!
Can you lift your arm? Way up? Straight up? Range of motion counts!
Men getting ready to exercise...
Walking...always a good thing..
Watch the pro at work, ha ha