Staying Mentally & Physically Fit During Covid
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My daughter knows it's important to be physically fit!
Sitting down after a hike feeling grateful..
Mental and physical fitness is an everyday task!
Working on our mental fitness!
Balance, stretch and more-all these things add up to being POSITIVE!
After our walk, it is time to get some core work in!
In the past year, my appreciation of the natural has gone way up!
We do more things together as a family-thanks to Covid-19!
A negative covid test and being vaccinated has my daughter in Hawaii right now-04_25_21!
Welcome to the Honolulu island, Oahu~ where beauty and high prices know no end:):):)
In Hawaii finding her PEACE!
Love the shoulder stretch and semi-calf raise/balance!
Modified triceps as she looks down at the Honolulu scenery:)