STRONG at 99!
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This AMAZING lady is 99 years old; she looks so good!!
Yes, that's my STAR - to my right, she is 99 and still going strong!
As my shirt says, STRONGER is the message...let's do this!
Here she is, wondering..what should I do now? HA HA
Her best friend (doggie) watches and protects his master!
Yes, it's Saturday and we have lots of work to do!
She makes me proud..she inspires me!
Okay, too much sitting doesn't SIT well with me...ha ha..
Looking great!
Add some more resistance!
She needs and wants stronger bones!
Calf raise! She works hard to have stronger legs!
Shoulder work - crucial!
She is an amazing client- always smiling while working on getting stronger!
We ALWAYS have fun together!
There's that ball, she's "working it" under her right leg!
How low can you go?
There he is making sure she isn't hurting in any way, ha ha
Coordination time!
There's that smile!
Time to work the upper body!
Stretch those chest muscles!
Balance challenge!
Friends have fun exercising together!
This 'young man' balancing on one leg (modified version) while petting doggie, ha ha
I LOVE this pic!!!
Practicing balance moves helps to prevent falls.
Her form is very good!
Time to work the core!
Stretching is a must!
I am tired, when do you 'rest and recover'?
We must continue on! 100 for her is just around the corner!