The "Y" (YMCA)
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The Y can be so much fun!
Sitting or standing, just get it done!
Step 1 to get to balance class.
Step 2 to get to balance class.
Step 3 to get to balance class.
Finally, ready to teach/have fun in my balance class!
Working on getting a strong core!
It takes time to 'perfect' the plank.
Practice, practice, practice!
In the Cycle Room...
Instead of cycling, I decided to stretch!
Tight hammys (hamstrings) are no fun! Stretching helps!
Setting up the music before cracking the whip, ha ha
Trying to get a grip near the...balls, hah!
Didn't feel too sturdy..
Forgive me, I continue to be but a WIP (Work In Progress).
Right after class - instructor holds dumbbell, member needs a drink!
Yup, I can ride with my handbag weighing down my shoulder!
Steady there girlie, steady yourself!
Sometimes, it takes hold up a bar!
Wait, it now takes three...
Has to argue with instructor..
Chest press, you go girl!
Upper back move, I try to teach all sorts of moves:)
Balance and core work!
Let's go!
Different stages of working the tricep area!
Who wants flabby arms? Not me!
Some merely look on; others actually do (perform)!
She is focused!
Time to 'hurdle' and balance!
Mini hurdles can be fun!
We all have hurdles to face!
The 'ready' look!
I love setting up group activities!
After a challenging class...
I LOVE it!
I teach AND participate; gotta get my balance on, ha ha!
Can you honestly do this pose? Hold for at least 20-30 secs? Try it!
It takes a 'lot of focus'.
We are all at different levels, but never stop trying!
Move your body and stretch!
How can I motivate if I don't participate? Gotta keep on going!
There's always THAT ONE who has to be different:).
Lower body strengthing with a ball, yes!
Solo time!
Practice makes...progress!
Don't compare, just don't give up!
Strengthening the ankles while stretching the shoulders!
Start of a squat!
How low can you go?
Don't they look happy!!
It worth it!
Getting warmed up around the punching bag.
Holding on...
Found out this bag has many uses:):)
Holding on for dear life and laughing about it!
Never used this machine before...
Resting my right arm a bit more..
Getting ready to work dem shoulders..
This expression shows how I really feel, ha ha..
It's best to change up the positioning here and there.
Kneeling in gratitude, glad it's over:):)
On the ball, surrounded by dumbbells, ha ha
A few members of my TBS (Total Body Strength) times!
Trampoline, anyone?
Ready to go! Smiling BEFORE class; afterwards? Ha ha
Exercise makes one smile!
I finally ventured into the Cycling Studio!
Whoa! Somewhat daunting!
Okay, time to try-cycling is very good for the legs!
Inside or outside the ring, doing my best is always the goal!
Gym bag to match!
Saw this mat but didn't get it (not yet:)..
Friendly reminder, always do YOUR best!
No matter what, keep going!
Outside YMCA and loving it!
This is a stretch, believe it or not!
Keeping it all balanced, heh heh