To Machine Or NOT?
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If you want to's one type of stationary bike..
Some love it, some don't..the "wonderful" tread or not to tread, ha ha..
A different bike...start off with a smile:)
As the legs start to feel a bit tired, the expression changes..
Treadmill time
Ha ha...I can still look all over the place instead of how slow I am actually going:):)
YES!! Pain is..weakness leaving the body...
I'm still on the treadmill, yes I am:)
Working the legs..
Increased the weight, feeling the pressure now..
Let's get some arm work in as well..
Giving the legs a rest..
I do love strong looking legs, NO LIMITS!
LEGS, yes!
Arms, arms, arms..
Selfie while doing some work on an ab (abdominal) machine..