Under Quarantine? STAY Active
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About last night (check the date:)...I finally walked OVER 30,000 steps🤗!!
I'm starting to hear things in my head..staying at home does test the sanity level..
Even the younger folk may be starting to 'lose it'..
Our "happy look"😊..
At the start of the 'stay at home' order...
A few weeks later, sanity is being tested again🙄
Never get tired of being close to MJ 😁
People don't seem to understand me when I wear a mask; oh wait, that has nothing to do with facial covering, ha ha
Gotta work dem arms...
Getting ready to give virtual training to a client...
His version/her version of the good ole plank..
Lifting weights helps to build muscle...what are you after - flab or muscle🙄
Here my client is trying the stability ball; searching for some sort of stability during this trying time...
Here she is again, trying to work out, doggie has other plan...
WOW! Patience...is a good thing to have😏..
Staying at home? - Play with your pets, involve them while you're exercising !
Doggie is encouraging her to HOLD THAT PLANK!
Doggie wants to try the BOSU ball, how about you?
Training this young client of mine how to balance while another doggie takes it all in!
I love the BOSU ball - so challenging!
After her workout, another doggie appears!
I said, "Let's end with a stretch", so...
Walking is the best...who doesn't want strong legs?
We walk this trail weekly...LOVE IT! Harder than it looks!
Relax...but not for too long..staying active is KEY.
Had to get out, mask on face!
Lying down, mask is on...
Safety first!
Fitness first; well.. safety first😑
Walking is so good!!! Want toned legs? WALK WALK WALK!
Went for my eye check up! Vision is vital..
Facial covering means protection!
Got my blood tested; it's all good!
Guess who? My lovely daughter😱..this pandemic is causing confusion!
My daughter and her friends (since high school:) with their masks on- YES!!
Please WORK...or at least WORK OUT!🦾
You know who you are, ha ha