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This 91 year old Veteran sure knows how to have a good time! He just finished a long walk, time to rest and recover.
Part of the trail. He is amazing...91 and keeps on moving!
Downward dog (yoga) pose..if she can do it, why not give it a try? HA HA..
Stretching is so good and it to avoid that 'stiff/painful' feeling.
The look of satisfaction, as if to say, "Yes, I am doing this and enjoying myself"..
My young client (and her best friend:)...her back is a bit high here as she suffers from constant back pain, so 'planking' we must continue to helps in so many ways and in so many places! Try it sometime..
Featuring the staggered can be quite the challenge..looks simple..yet it can be very effective..try it already! Widen the distance between the feet for even more "FUN"..
Find something you enjoy to get (and keep) you moving.
Who doesn't want a hug at the end of a workout/walk/just because.
Being rewarded is always appreciated!
Some of my class members - stretch time!
There's always that one...overachiever - love her!
Trying to keep her calm, ha ha
Time to release stress:):)
Such a champ, 'planking' away!
Identity revealed, what a trooper!
EXPRESSION 1 of trying to do a sit up in my class..
EXPRESSION 2 of actually doing a sit up in my class..
EXPRESSION 3 upon completing a few sit ups in my class..
Love this expression! She can't believe she did it!
POSITION 1 of anger building up due to my challenging moves:):)
POSITION 2 of the anger continuing..:):)
I insist on stretching in ALL of the classes I give..
Love this move -it strengthens and tones your waist!
Try it! I try to do it on the daily..
Congrats! You completed my Cardio, Core & More class, yay!
Look of ?? - Nadja wants me to do what??!!
Different positions after a workout session with me..
That's what THEY say:)
Here we are with...balls!!
Expressions BEFORE class starts.
Still smiling (well, sort of)..
The one on the right needs to adjust to the sweet pain of working out:).
What's your expression after working out?
After my announcement - "We have one more round to go".
So happy we are feeling stronger than ever!
Class is over for today, yes!
Feeling positive cuz we have been working out!
Fun times!
Making silly faces before class starts!
We really enjoy sweating together, ha ha
Gotta have fun!
How she really feels after exercising with me!