Kathleen T. Shannon:





My daughter and I signed up for personal training sessions with Nadja and we loved it.  Nadja begins with a complete physical assessment and really listens to the client’s needs and goals.  Her challenging exercises worked every part of our bodies during each session.  Her encouraging words got us through each set so we felt proud of ourselves for getting the job done and inspired us to keep trying.  Working out together brought out a friendly competition to see who could get through the set or do another round of exercises.  Nadja’s technique of stimulating exercises along with her positive spirit proved to be an effective recipe for looking forward to our next training date.  We sweated, we laughed and saw results quickly.  We highly recommend her personal fitness training because she believes in the power of exercise to change your life and she made believers out of us too!




Hi Nadja,

Your working with the Veterans is greatly appreciated. My father told me how much he enjoys the challenges you give him with working out. I witnessed the benefits of his balance work last night as he saved himself from a face plant when he didn't see a stair. He was able to grab a wall just in the nick of time. I think without your workouts, we could have been in the ER last night. Thanks for your efforts to get the vets and staff in good physical shape. Happy New Year (2019).





Janis Fodran-Keeney:

Because of Nadja and her push to help others to be as best as possible, working out with her pushes me to excel. With Nadja's frequent calls of "TEN MORE", I want to strangle her at the same time thank her for the encouragement. When she took over our kickboxing class - Nadja proved to be a true leader! Thanks Nadja for all your "loving" words of determination for better fitness.











Debra Ann:


“Nadja helps keep me fit and trim, motivated, and in model shape! I recommend her incredible fitness

training to anyone who wants to improve their body, and be healthy! If she can help ME, SHE CAN HELP YOU TOO! LA, CA Call for your first session today”!

















Brittany Bowles:

She is truly awesome. I have been working with Nadja for a month now and the results are astonishing. What’s really cool is that she makes the exercises fun. She actually ‘works out’ with me and I like that very much about her.  She has taught me the importance of getting enough carbs and protein in my system, and not too much fat in my every day diet.  THANK YOU NADJA, you rock!!!











I feel I have been negligent in letting you know how much I admire your skills and expertise at your ability to reach those of us you try to work with and how much knowledge you have. I don't think I have told you enough about how I admire how much you know about training it hit me today how knowledgeable you really are and I don't think I have let you know that often enough I know how much you have affected my life in many ways but it really hit me today how much now that you do have and I have not let you know my admiration for that thank you thank you thank you.




Sue Helfand, Co-owner of Ink Monkey Tattoo and Piercing:


I have known Nadja for almost 10 years now. We used to work together and she would walk 3 miles every day at lunch time; I admired her determination to stay healthy and in shape.  Finally it hit me- I needed to get in shape as well.  There was only one person I would trust with this body of mine, Nadja Lewis.  She is disciplined, organized, and she actually listens to what you have to say. I have lost weight and body fat since working out with her, while gaining muscle tone as well!! She has taught me the true meaning of ‘proper nutrition’. Thank you Nadja, you are such a motivating force in my life!




Tricia Johnson:


Nadja, you are amazing.  You are in Los Angeles, I am in Philly, and yet somehow you manage to MOTIVATE me to exercise and enjoy healthy eating habits every single day.  When I am feeling tired and ‘just not in the mood’, my phone alerts me to the fact that another motivating thought from you is awaiting. I look forward to your email messages or just a simple question via text - ‘How did you feel on the treadmill today?’ Just knowing that you are thinking about me and encouraging me every step of the way makes it so much easier.

Thanks girl, you really inspire me to work harder at achieving my fitness goal.






Nadja takes “personal trainer” to the next level by being there for you at all times. Her goal is for you to be successful, and she works hard to help you achieve that success. I’ve been to the gym, had private trainers and not until Nadja entered my life, did I become a success story. From the first month of working out with her, I lost inches immediately, and became more motivated than ever. Nadja has the talent of incorporating so much into one exercise; strength training, cardio and balance. Now, on my walks, I can feel the change in my strength and endurance.   I know that when Nadja arrives at my door, my day will be better. With Nadja, you not only get a personal trainer, but a life coach, a friend and someone who is committed to you! I often receive texts from her saying, “Are you drinking water?” or, “Great workout today, keep up the good work.” When you become a client of Nadja’s, she is truly 'in your life'; she pays close attention to your needs; she helps you achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve. I can’t imagine my life without Nadja…she is here to stay!