'Well I exercise daily,  why haven't I lost any weight?'  My response - Wonderful, exercise is essential! However, what have you been eating?


'I exercised 'really hard' today, so I am on the right track.'  My response - That's great, however when was the last time you exercised before today? A week ago- therefore, please don't expect much (if any) of a change.


I continue to share  - "Exercising consistently, will not prevent you from gaining weight because exercise goes hand-in-hand with your diet.  If you eat a balanced diet, AND exercise regularly, then you will see results; however if you choose to eat poorly, then you will not lose the weight (you may even possibly gain weight)".

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vanessa says... (Reply)
"What great comments! I always hear people say that they exercise frequently but don't lose weight but I know it's their diet. Also many people think frequently means once per week. Keep the comments coming and I wish more people would take their health seriously! " (1/26/14)