Exercise Alone Does NOT Work


I am amazed at the comments some of my clients make, such as:


"I thought I could eat whatever I wanted so long as I exercised that day"


"Well, I was in the gym for two hours, time for a big juicy burger, fries, and large soda"


"Why do you want to know what I had to eat today? Just work me out hard..."


There HAS TO BE a nutrition change as well.  Nutrition change? What does this really mean? It means that YOU have to be willing to make a (semi) permanent change in your dietary habits, not just until you lose those last stubborn 5 pounds.

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Vanessa says... (Reply)
"Many of us think we can eat as much as we used to when we were younger but our metabolism slows down as we age so we have to be careful! I eat every 3 hours but not as much as i used to and I eat much healthier now. Great tip!" (2/9/13)
Nadja Lewis says... (Reply)
Your words are so...VERY TRUE...thanks for sharing! Stay healthy!!" (2/9/13)