When you think about it, the human body is pretty amazing, propelling us through each and every day despite all the terrible things we do to it - too much stress, too little sleep, too much alcohol, too much junk food and, of course, not enough exercise. Still, we expect a lot from our bodies. We expect them to lose weight on command and we expect them to lose it exactly where we want, even though we know spot reduction doesn't work.

Our bodies do exactly what they're supposed to do and they look exactly the way they're supposed to - depending on the kind of lifestyle we lead - and yet we get frustrated when our bodies don't conform to our standards and we can't seem to change. So, how do you get past that frustration? How do you accept your body the way it is?


Stop thinking about THE perfect body (so many ads!) and realize that some things are just out of your reach. Start to work on getting YOUR perfect body.

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