Too often, although genuinely interested in making a positive change, people are not truly committed to their goals. When something piques our interest, most people tend to think about it a lot. They set good intentions; but when it becomes inconvenient, difficult or downright frustrating, many people lose interest and give up.

Commitment goes beyond just being interested. You feel a responsibility, an obligation to yourself to follow through, to get the job done. Once and for all, you are going to succeed at this goal, despite difficulties, discomfort and inconveniences.


As I always say: If you want to lose the weight, you have to lose the excuses!

Whether you wish to lose weight, reduce your blood pressure, or just get stronger - it takes commitment, dedication, and hard work.


So go beyond being just interested, be committed!

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Lynette says... (Reply)
"I think you are a great motivator . I am so proud of you.
I have started to walk with weights since yesterday and I did continue to use them today.
Keep the updates rolling." (2/21/17)