'Would you like to write it down?" I ask politely.  I get the rolling of the eyes, the heavy sigh, then the word that makes me cringe - NO...

Well I would like you to try and do the 'write thing', I say...write down what you are eating, and grade yourself (1, is healthy, 2, 3, 4, are in between, and 5 is extremely unhealthy).  Be honest with yourself if you really want results/change.  If you write stuff down, I mean, anything, such as, I learned how to finally do a push up, and/or  - I didn't add any sugar to anything I put in my mouth this week; these are  things to be proud of! 

You need to stay focused, and sometimes writing down things that you are doing, eating, etc. really helps one to realize things they wouldn't otherwise.


Try it and tell me how it goes for you.

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vanessa says... (Reply)
"Well said! I am sometimes guilty of that but for the most part I eat healthy and have reaped the benefits from this!" (3/14/14)
Corrison says... (Reply)
"Day 1
I totally forgot to do the "write thing".
Let's see what happens on day 2." (3/14/14)
Anonymous says... (Reply)
"I don't like to put it on paper because it makes me see how bad I eat. " (3/14/14)
mattoo says... (Reply)
"I will write one thing THIS IS GREAT . this is why Nadja is NUMBER ONE" (3/22/14)