You like the idea of being leaner, but you don’t like the diet, and you miss your old food. So it feels like a sacrifice, and you can only sacrifice for so long.

This is so true, so let's start by making small healthy changes...
What kind of small healthy changes can you pick each week? The list can be endless, but here are some examples:
• Eat a vegetable at dinner every day.
• Eat a vegetable at lunch every day.
• Eat a fruit for an afternoon snack.
• Have a fruit with breakfast.
• Cut back one alcoholic drink at night.
• Don’t eat after 8 p.m.
• Cut back on the sugar you add to your coffee to a minimal amount.
• Have a whole grain (quinoa, brown rice, etc.) with dinner instead of a white starch.
• Have hummus or raw nuts instead of those chips you eat for a snack.
• Have berries instead of the sweets you eat for a snack.
• Learn three new recipes this week (cook one night, then eat the leftovers the next, repeat).
• Eat at home most nights this week.
• Have yogurt with fruit or a tofu scramble with veggies for breakfast.


If you don’t like these changes, come up with some of your own. If these seem too hard, make them easier. 


Bottom line-just start!

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Melinda says... (Reply)
"Great tips! Thank you!" (4/30/15)