We get way too many (and nutritionally empty) calories from alcohol, soda, and juices (high in sugar).
Calories add up quickly, so if you really 'need' to have that drink, then you should figure the calories into your daily calorie limit.  In other words, if you are on a 1500 calorie diet, you shouldn't have food of 1500 calories, then add another drink or two worth a couple hundred more calories, and then wonder why you haven't lost any weight, or even why you gained weight. 


Think before you drink! Even if you exercise every day and eat in a healthy fashion, you can still gain weight.  Calories in drink add up to more than people think, and if you take in more calories, than you burn off, well...we know..that means...added (unwanted) weight!

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Corrison says... (Reply)
"This is so true. A perfect example is doing well with your calories for the entire day, and then having some ice wine later in the evening." (4/10/15)