We all are faced with temptation in several areas of our lives on a daily basis.  We must try to resist.


Old Way Of Thinking/Old Excuse:  "If I deprive myself now, I'll just eat more later". 

New Way Of Thinking:  "I am making a choice, not a sacrifice"


Instead of thinking about 'depriving' yourself, try to think about choosing, it is your choice, it is up to you, as to what you eat. Before giving into a craving, put it on the back burner; wait until you have fit in a workout or finished your dinner.  In other words, wait to indulge.  Try it and see, your desire to do so may decrease.

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vanessa says... (Reply)
"Positive words as usual! We all struggle with temptation....." (4/11/14)
Tricia says... (Reply)
"Good advice. Gonna try that. See if it'll work for me with the sweets. Oh, boy! " (4/19/14)