Clients tell me, "I've been really good lately"...I am thinking, great, so I tell them that they are on the right track, how proud I am of them..then I hear, 'So...I been thinking about treating myself.....' my thoughts start to drift...oh no, they want a 'food reward'.  I just don't get this way of thinking - I am doing well 'controlling' my food habits, so let me spoil it all by eating something that will add extra calories and unwanted fat?


Old Way Of Thinking/Old Excuse:  "I've been really good lately, so I want a treat...."


How about -
New Way Of Thinking:  "I've been feeling really good lately, and I want it keep it that way."



Temptation will always be there, sometimes we give in, sometimes we must be strong and walk away from it all!

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Scott says... (Reply)
"For me, I've only been able to avoid temptation by asking God for help." (5/3/14)