In my mind, whether you are looking to lose weight or not, we are all ''on a diet.'' The word ''diet'' simply means the food(s) and drink(s) you consume on a regular basis. Depending on how you choose to eat, your diet will either support weight loss, contribute to weight gain or maintain your current weight.
I think it is best to follow a food plan that you will enjoy; one that you will be able to follow for a very long time. Whether you choose to lose weight by following a low-fat plan, a low-carb plan, or by eating all foods in moderation, the plan you choose should be about your individual preference and how your body responds.

Remember, the ultimate success is not how much or how fast you take off the weight, but whether or not you are able to maintain the loss.

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Scott Hamilton says... (Reply)
"Your emails provide a steady "diet" of great information and motivation!" (5/4/17)