It seems like we all know somebody who seems to live on junk food and still not be considered 'fat' (that 'f' word I dread to use, it's so discouraging), or overweight.


Old Way Of Thinking/Old Excuse:  "If that skinny girl can eat a brownie sundae, so can I."

Different/New Way Of Thinking:  "I need to eat what's right for me."



It really doesn't make much sense for you to try to follow a skinny person who eats junk food.  Your body isn't the same, your rate of metabolism isn't necessarily the same either.  Having a healthy role model can play a key part in helping you stick to your diet and exercise plan.  Not the thin actress who subsists on diet soda alone, but rather a woman who has professed her love for pizza but limits herself to two (thin) slices.  Before eating next time, think, 'What would my health hero do?' and act accordingly.

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