The other day, a dear client of mine (they are all dear to me:), said, 'I need willpower. Where can I get some?' I wanted to laugh, but instead I thought to myself, gee, everybody just wants a quick fix, a pill to lose weight, a magic wand to make them look like somebody other than who they were meant to be, etc.  I said, 'Willpower? You have it, it comes from within. As the saying goes, it's like a muscle, you have to use it; the more you use it, the stronger you will become....'


We must be stronger than our fears, our doubts.  It is so easy to give up and go back to the 'good old bad ways', but it is so much better to look forward to looking and feeling better and actually being healthier.


Starting today, exercise...exercise your willpower!

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Maricela says... (Reply)
"Easier said than done. I just need you by my side to get to my target.

Nadja says - I will be by your side, we will do this together, it takes a lot of - time, patience, determination, effort, hard work, and then some. I will always be by your side, because I believe in you!" (6/29/14)
Tricia says... (Reply)
"LOL...that's a good one. Some will power is what I need too. I'm gonna start flexing that muscle right now! " (6/30/14)