So I went on the scale today and it registered me as 2lbs lighter! Now, I know several people who would be jumping up and down for joy, but you see, I do not allow the scale to control my mood. Why? Because I know that tomorrow that same scale could very well show me weighing 3lbs more. What? Yes, it is true...our body weight fluctuates due to different factors, such as water retention and/or hormonal activity.

So instead, I put on my clothing.  If it feels alright, then I am alright!


Don't let the scale control your mood! If you are exercising consistently and eating in a healthy fashion, check out your clothing instead. Are you feeling better in that dress? Are those pants not so tight anymore? Then you are on the right track!

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Merry Shapiro says... (Reply)
"This is really true! While the scale is a good indicator to see if you are on a 'healthier track', it does tend to fluctuate quite frequently. How I feel, matters!" (11/12/16)